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We asked your thoughts about the main customs that allow hunting grounds to live on private land. Here is what you have to say. – Hunting – Bangor Daily News – BDN Main

We asked your thoughts about the main customs that allow hunting grounds to live on private land. Here is what you have to say. - Hunting - Bangor Daily News - BDN Main

John Holly | BDN

John Holyoke | BDN

Karen Wrentzel shall be posted in Hebron, the place he was shot and killed in 2017, and cannot be accessed with out written permission.

John Holyoke, BDN Employees •
December 7, 2018 1:00 am

For years, Maine has been jurisdiction by hunters and different leisure house owners to make obtainable land that they don’t personal. The owner won’t in any other case prohibit practices.

Some individuals contemplate open entry coverage to be a close to-time period proper. Generations of hunters typically assume licenses and go to the acquainted forests annually. And typically the landowner frustrates the follow by saying that he doesn’t really feel in a position to handle his personal land or to ignore his wishes in the approach he needs.

In extraordinarily uncommon instances, the similar is true of tragic instances. In 2017 when the Hebron lady was shot and killed, she digs rocks in her personal land. The bottom was not revealed. The hunter was indicted for his demise.

A month in the past, the BDN asked readers how they thought about and altered the open entry coverage. Fifty-4 % of the respondents stated that they assume the state ought to change the regulation to acquire prior permission for landowners and people who will use land that they don’t personal. One other 24% of respondents didn’t need to change in any respect. Lastly, 22% didn’t disclose their place in any location, however expressed concern.

The next is a pattern of the reader's opinion for area and readability.

Registered main information Invoice Dallmeyer: "How can we travel only in places where other people can give us permission? Are we really free people? We can not do it." In some areas, particularly in Scandinavia, Everyman's Proper, Roam to Fream consists of the customs and legal guidelines of the land and hunting, in fact, there is an excellent duty for firearms and hunting, and final yr's horrible tragedy in Maine is certainly unforgivable However it is uncommon, and our freedom is to make us People … I can’t be benevolent in any method that requires the authority to hunt in private land, "

Stephanie McChord:" Yes, you can. The hunter thinks that the landowner must have the power to hunt the land. The landlord can mention special concerns about the streets, family / animal activities in the street, and anything else a hunter might not know "

Patty Faley:" We have posted property many times over the years and many signs have been ripped up. My family will give permission to those who show respect for them first, and I even painted hundreds of trees. I thought it was a waste of time because I did not know what it meant when the hunter safety instructor at the local high school told me the story.If he had not taught it, did the hunters have a chance to know what it means? I will not try to force my beliefs, but I am a family member. "

Dave Martucci:" The irresponsible hunter makes me think of the law again. I am required by law to give the landowner permission to hunt, I feel strongly. Anyone can post a "hunting allow" sign if the landlord wants it. Otherwise, there should be no difference between the access rights, regardless of the type of land. "

Don Bradbury:" It is an unreasonable burden to ask landowners to publish their land so that non-precious people can not use it. I think we should post a reversal. It must mean that the intruder must pledge to post the land legally. "

James McDonald:" Is land ownership possible? Is it illegal for a company to be open for hunting and to hunt for private property without the permission of the landowner? It is walking in the forest, but carrying deadly weapons for the purpose of murder is quite different. I know their friends are posting their land but invading hunters on their property without permission. Customs and customs related to hunting for private property can no longer be justified or accepted. "

Philip Kennedy:" I spoke to the same two for three consecutive years, and one gave birth to a son so close to home I could clearly see them. When I approached he was angry with me and told me he was hunting since I was a kid and I know where he is. We just spend most of the time hunting people away from hunting, rather than hunting them because they just ask people to hunt the top of their property, but they end up hunting around the posted house without hearing it. "

Sandie Sabaka:" I can be a minority of readers, however I’m stunned that the duty lies with the property proprietor. No, I don’t agree with that. And sure, I feel that must be modified. I don’t like the month of the curse of November. I’m a hiker, I would like to be in the woods, I would like to really feel protected. However the regulation is not my aspect. And the sufferer will all the time be blamed for an accident.

E. L. Eaton: "The written law is just as one. Can the hunter know whether the land is private or public, or whether the landlord is willing to hunt? Landowners can post their own land if they do not want the intruder. 3, I will post it according to the law if I do not want the intruder to own the land. My land, my responsibility. "

Timothy I. Applegate:" Do you need to change the law? I do not think so. Putting signs or signs every 100 feet is a burden to landowners, and perhaps part of the law can be adjusted or clarified. However, the current system operates a snowmobile trail across the state, which is a large part of the economy engine in some parts of our state. I want all users to respect my land and posts. If you find unauthorized trash, illegal logging or hunters, you should limit access. "

Invoice Francis:" I can not ignore the number of hunter deaths for years. I like autumn time like everyone else. It is a good time to stroll through the forest and enjoy nature. It is an embarrassment to be unable to walk through the forest in your own land because of the fear of being hunted during the hunting season. In other words, I think it is time to discuss, discuss, open hearings, and comment on this law. "

Charles and Mary Dorchester:" Publishing is meaningful even where people live. The swallow is quite large. Traditional free access rules must be in North Woods and in areas with scarce populations. However, the hunter must be careful and should not hunt when in doubt. And the hunter must respect the assets of others. "

John Glowa Sr .:" It's been a long time since we need a written permission to hunt for private property. Hunters must recognize that they are a minority (one of about ten Mainers hunts), and Maine is changing and developing. Hunters are their own worst enemy. If there are more and more opportunities to oppose reform and kill the main wildlife, there will be a growing sense of alienation from the wrangling public. … It is inevitable that Maine should get written permission to hunt on private property. Lean Fairfield says: "

Ryan Fairfield:" I am very grateful for the law, and I am very grateful for the fact that I am in Rome It allows us to hunt near the forest in our house, otherwise it will be very difficult to find an unpublished hunting area. "

Jim Karst:" It is very hard to post 55,000 acres of woodland owned by a paper company. It is ridiculous, but it is a mistake to shoot a deer in a field on a far-field farm.The field belongs to the farm.Sun Joy: "I feel the regulation provides the landlord all burdens." [19659024IhatethefreeaccesstounstablelandownedbyatimbercompanyHoweverthelandinacalmregionmustbeoutofboundswithoutthewrittenpermissionofthelandownerIamnotsettingthelawsothatthetraditionalhuntingareaisstilltherethatisthefarmersorthepeoplewhoactuallylive"

Steve Spencer:" I hunted deer and hedge hunts in public and private lands in Maine State for 54 years with out the permission of the landowner. Sure, I used to be born and right here

Roger Ardston: "I find many masters seeing themselves as their gods."

Roger Ardston: "I find that many masters regard themselves as their gods." They have the proper to hunt in all places! "

Craig Riley:" I am the law , But landowners must be allowed to hunt and recreate the land by allowing the landlord to make landlords only, and on Sunday only hunts on private lands, which can be enjoyed by other people We will provide incentives to open land and benefit from taxes that others do not pay. "

Jonathan Eno:" I agree to abolish the law. In this week, the majority of hunter and recreation users are responsible, but the number of irresponsible people has increased exponentially. I am afraid of walking my property during the hunting season. I did not ask permission to hunt your own land, but your owner showed me I was not polite to let you know that I was going to shoot a gun from your land. As I drive the midcoast I see more posted assets. I hate that I have to publish my land, but the only person who has ever been allowed to hunt was my sister-in-law's boyfriend. "