Simple Tips to Personalize Your Wedding

How many times have you attended a wedding and noticed the same type of flowers, boring music and similar table settings? Some brides seem to copy each other and create cookie-cutter ceremonies and receptions that blend into the background. However, you can personalize your wedding to stand out from the bland menus and plain candle holders.
Add Your Names and Pictures
The names of the bride and groom do not have to be limited to the invitations or other cards. You can add your names and photos to wine labels or water bottles at the wedding. You can personalize the table cards, centerpieces and flower arrangements. Although you do not want to overwhelm your guests with cute photos of you posing next to a tree, you can add a tasteful picture and your names to the favors. If you are giving your guests chocolate as a favor, it is easy to add a label with your wedding information.

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Pick an Unusual Color Theme
Traditionally, brides tend to stick to safe color themes, so you will see an abundance of pastels and soft hues. However, you do not have to limit yourself to safe or common choices. You may want to go for bold colors such as crimson, purple or fuchsia. Your wedding does not have to fit a preconceived standard about theme colors.
Select a Unique Venue
Gardens, ballrooms, parks, churches and other venues are the typical choices of many brides. However, you do not have to select one of these options. Instead, you can pick a unique venue that has special meaning. Do you have a connection to a favorite coffee shop, or do you want to celebrate the sidewalk where you met? Your venue can be unusual and still create a fun atmosphere for your guests. You can transform any location with the right materials and support. You can order tables, chairs, wall hangings, flowers and special floors.
Get Custom Shoes
You can show off your commitment with special branded shoes for the wedding. Custom shoes can be personalized with your names, ceremony date and other information. You can pick special colors and laces for your day. This is a fun idea that does not have to be limited to the bride and groom, so the entire wedding party can get custom shoes.
Rent or Buy Your Green Décor
If you hate the thought of watching flowers wilt after the wedding, you can choose to rent potted plants or purchase them. This will allow you to have an instant garden after your wedding. You may also want to consider giving away some of the purchased potted plants to your guests as favors. Another option is to use edible plants in the pots, so they have more than one purpose.
Your wedding does not have to settle for boring glass vase centerpieces and pastel ribbons. You can make your ceremony and reception a special, unique event that will leave your guests with memories. As you plan your wedding, you may want to consider how to personalize each item.