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Feature: Abalón by GMA in the magazine Fuera de serie, with the newspaper Expansión

31 Oct Report: Abalón by GMA in the magazine Fuera de serie, with the newspaper Expansión

The sunshine bothers him, shy, exotic and photosensitive molluscum. Nevertheless, you will soon need to get used to the haute cuisine and the specialised press that already detail their lovely aquamarine shell that hides a well-priced and resounding meat. Perhaps it’s the final (great) discovery in the kitchen, now that the power of the crude and the orthodox is contemplated. If we fuse in the mouth the style of a rich scallop with the actual tenderness of the greatest octopus (to which add very high-quality iodized and candy nuances) we might define the savory essence and crispy texture of the abalone. And if we add the audacity of a visionary biologist, the cold vision of an economist and the work of a group of specialists who know virtually all of this haliótido the result’s based mostly on three acronyms: GMA. Based mostly in the parish of Tal, in a bend of the Coruña estuary of Muros, stands the complicated of the Galician Marine Aquaculture, the first Spanish firm that breeds and markets this gastropod with a thousand names and for which Taiwan restaurants pay fortunes , Korea and Japan mainly, the place they call it “takabushi”. The therapeutic and aphrodisiac issue additionally reasons such excessive oriental fury.

Peneira, abalone, abalone, fish meat, sea snail, six eyes, ear of Venus … And even lapa donkey or woman (the latter of unknown origin) referred to as the abalone, a prosaic and virtually hilarious taxonomy for a mollusk that reaches the 2,000 euros a kilo in the East and of which little or nothing is understood in the purchasing cart of the West. We do not find it in the fish market at Christmas feasts. In GMA they abbreviate and name it simply abalone, they usually, as pioneers, could possibly be the (Spanish) mother and father of this iridescent, lovely and elusive creature that, like vampires, does not like daytime wanderings and wishes as a lot as consuming excessive purity of water, select microalgae, peace and silence. “Here we cultivate the variety haliotis discus hannai, allochthonous, the one that grows wild in Asian waters, which is the most appreciated in cuisine. In Galicia it grows on the seabed, adhering to the rock, but it’s the tuberculata selection, which does not have the similar energy of taste or the similar measurement. The tuberculata is found in the Rías Baixas, on the island of La Toja, in Candas, nevertheless it doesn’t even attain 200 kg per yr, being an unintentional crop, not direct. It was collected by the shellfish afloat when the tide was low, or from the boat with the spouts. The tuberculata provides a special texture, it is softer, it tastes sweeter. In our plant here in Muros we’ve got been capable of gather the optimal circumstances for the improvement of the hannai since in the East they don’t have aquaculture with our water quality. They produce it, yes, however with out sustainability, nor the biodensity that we offer. They’re overcrowded farms, so they’re on the lookout for other places of supply and that they guarantee the quality of the abalone they demand, since the climate change in Japanese waters has decreased the quality of the algae from which it feeds. And we return to the sea a purer water than that which provides us, “says Luis González Ferrera, CEO of GMA.

There are 1,000 breeding abalones that inhabit GMA, chosen and pampered stallions that assure the lineage of 2,000,000 copies of the whole plant. In the settlement part (hatchery in English), seeds not exceeding 15 mm are spent three months in tanks taking an ideal mix of microalgae reared in strains made by the firm itself. Later weaning comes, with another ultra-secret eating regimen (which replicates the fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids that the animal takes in its pure setting) that lasts about 10 months. In the maturation part, the mollusks attain their measurement of commercialization, between 6 and 8 cm, in addition to attaining an imposing sparkle in a shell with out epibiontes (non-parasitic organisms that disfigure the shell). At the finish of the process, it’s going to have been about three and a half years, from the spawning until it is ready to enter the kitchen. Like oysters, gauges are established to measure measurement; from four to zero, with four being the smallest, with zero being a superlative abalone (larger than 10 cm). In the pure surroundings they are able to devouring 30 kg of algae till they reach adulthood. This capitalized and unsustainable ratio -commercially speaking- in GMA is decreased. Perhaps they don’t devour compulsively on account of the absence of stress (there are posters that pray for silence) and the lack of menace from predators similar to crabs, octopus or starfish. Pause and good food, an ideal cocktail.

The whole lot is placid, mild leaden and rumor of the pure recirculation of seawater in GMA. It has been 13 years for an idea that has needed some 10 million euros of investment. A gaggle of graduates, docs and students of the College of Santiago have been liable for this marine epiphany, an exotic eureka that has hit the mark both in marine biology and in a market area of interest with luxurious business potential beyond the oceans. This willpower acquired the first prize in the III Enterprise Initiatives Competitors of the University of Santiago de Compostela, in the Technological Base category. “What have been we going to do? Turbot, sole? It didn’t make sense, with giant corporations already producing and with a high degree of data, and we remembered that the abalone was possible to breed on our coasts … And that it had a market “, comments Oscar Santamaría, from Burgos, director of the plant, biologist and with a PhD on horseback between the University of Santiago and the Isle of Man (Ireland). “It’s a peculiar and sophisticated mollusk, it isn’t straightforward to breed in a confined surroundings. It have to be accomplished underneath tremendously controlled circumstances, particularly in relation to the purity of the water. There are different crops, in Brittany (Plouguerneau) and in Ireland, however they’re practically acquainted, “he adds. Because of its good work and the 6,000 meters of this aquaculture farm erected in 2011, it’s achieved that there’s solely 2% mortality, virtually as in the natural surroundings. The other 98% rich will reach exquisite palates and well-off pockets. They journey the abalones to Oriente by aircraft, in 10 kilogram packs and in deep-frozen ones; for closer locations, also recent with dry ice. GMA continues to be with long-term forecasts to realize full profitability in its business plan. I foresee sending some 40,000 kg in the direction of Asia, and about 26,000 kg destined for Europe. “There’s buzzing in Italy and Germany in the direction of the abalone. Also in the United States and Canada, “explains the CEO of the firm.

In Shinya Fukumoto, chef with three Michelin stars from his Ca Sento restaurant (Kobe, Japan) have discovered GMA an unbeatable prescriber. It’s the nice scholar of the abalone. He manipulates it like no one else. He treats him like a king. It fascinates him. Make photograph books in his honor. Additionally nice recipes, resembling a shashimi (what's extra your meat) or easy creations of iron and hearth (fried, breaded, sautéed) and in addition lengthy cooking. “He spent four days with us at GMA and it was an exquisite assembly. We met him in Japan, at his institution, and he made us a special menu of Mediterranean delicacies. He stated he would come to Galicia and he complied. He confirmed up with all his gear, “says González Ferrera. No have to travel to Tokyo to attempt abalone. Pedro Costa cooks it in the restaurant that bears his identify in Santiago de Compostela. “Figuring out the way to work it is extremely difficult as a result of it is rather muscular and you may load it by extracting its meat. It’s a new product that requires mime, very versatile, that can be caught in the mouth or be a foie if we use their gonads, “says the chef whereas serving abalone ravioli with nécora, followed by some pochas escorted by this mollusk in its juice. In Madrid Fusión 2016 was introduced in partnership by David Arauz, government chef of Grupo Bambú 99 Sushi Bar with nine restaurants in Madrid. It has additionally already gone via the kitchens of the stellar Ángel León (A Poniente, Puerto de Santa María) or Fernando P. Arellano, from Zaranda, in Mallorca, among other chefs. Nutritionally speaking, and aside from its presumed goodness to raise passion, abalone is wealthy in omega three, proteins and collagen. Supplies iron, calcium and magnesium to the shopper. In addition, it is poor in fat. And he’s very wealthy. In fact, beware if one goes to dare to organize it at house as a result of it runs the danger of not extracting its full potential or of previously damaging such delicate anatomy. To prepare dinner it, preserve and enlarge all its qualities, the first thing is to remove the meat helped by a spoon or a concave utensil, all the time taking care that no meat remains hooked up to the shell, in addition to removing and cleaning any remaining viscera helped by a small brush. If you will prepare sashimi (uncooked and fantastic), the primary thing is to break the fibers, which by nature are exhausting as rock. To do that, small horizontal or vertical incisions are made, as beneficial by the cooks or scalded in liquid at roughly 90 levels. Whether it is brief cooking, you may give a warmth stroke in a container with oil or butter to melt it. In frying or breading, the abalone ought to be prepared at 160 ° or 170 ° C until golden brown. If you will skip, a earlier step by way of the torch softens the path. And when you go for lengthy cooking to extract other sapid nuances, with 80 levels around 4 hours or 70 degrees for half a day, you get a softer texture and a better marine concentration. The shell can be used as a backing for a number of of the proposals.

The costliest mollusk in the world comes wrapped in its own pure shell. And Doubling the spell of the unique, any of the more than 100 styles of present abalone (the rufescens or purple, iris or blackfoot pua) can supply up pearls. It's very unusual, nevertheless it happens. Pink, blue, green or purple pearls have been found in his muscular bosom. Because of this, the Maori and different Pacific tribes, consummate gatherers, have used the abalone as an decoration since time immemorial. Spherical pearls and other symmetrical shapes are incredibly rare, and most of people who spring from natural abalone materialize in the form of a horn. Methods to discover five-leaf clovers … At the second, the shell has already aroused the interest of Spanish goldsmiths and jewelers (even lovers of esotericism, who say that the mere carrying of the shell balances the temper and endows the spirit with peace) . “It has this nice colour due to the meals. Like the plumage of the pink flamingos, “explains Aurkene Velasco, a biologist who works in the plant from the beginning of manufacturing. Helmet holder with front mild for sound reasons. “They stay with the photoperiod modified, in darkness they are in full exercise. That's how we obtained three spawnings a yr, “he explains. “She is the mom of most of them. He has taken care of them all, hahaha, “replies González. “This can be a dream come true, an effort of many people. Venture of self-realization, in which the daily is an train of studying, perseverance and overcoming, “provides Santamaría, who collectively with the remainder of his workforce hopes that quickly everybody will know each his identify and the tasty shyness of this gastropod. And that abalone, written with b, just isn’t the island to which an exhausted King Arthur retired, but a mollusk with higher flesh than Queen Guinevere.